Kouvola based staff photographer at Kouvolan Sanomat. Specializes in documentary, commercial and editorial photography. Passionate and creative. Available for commissions all over Finland, inquire for details. Just started booking weddings for summer 2014.

Kuvajournalisti Kouvolasta. Kuvaan päätoimisesti Kouvolan Sanomille, mutta teen myös tapahtuma-, mainos- ja hääkuvauksia. Kuvissani näkyy intohimo ja luovuus. Kuvaan pääasiassa Etelä-Suomessa, mutta matkustan mielelläni myös kauemmas.


Randy Torres, Demon Hunter
Vappugospel, May day celebrations in Kouvola, Finland.
I’m not too keen to photograph live music, but i haven’t been doing it in a long time, so i thought that i would give it a try. A few images were published in the newspaper, but i wanted to get some more images so i got some images for personal use too. It looks like it paid off.
Nikon D700, Sigma 20mm 1.8. I added film grain and color graded the image.
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