Kouvola based staff photographer at Kouvolan Sanomat. Specializes in documentary, commercial and editorial photography. Passionate and creative. Available for commissions all over Finland, inquire for details. Just started booking weddings for summer 2014.

Kuvajournalisti Kouvolasta. Kuvaan päätoimisesti Kouvolan Sanomille, mutta teen myös tapahtuma-, mainos- ja hääkuvauksia. Kuvissani näkyy intohimo ja luovuus. Kuvaan pääasiassa Etelä-Suomessa, mutta matkustan mielelläni myös kauemmas.


First of the wedding season.
The wedding was held at the Finnish aviation museum. The plane where the actual seremony was held was a Convair 440 Metropolitan.
The lighting was really hard. Before the ceremony i went through the cabin, noticing that it was full of small spotlights aiming down from the roof, meaning that most of the time their faces were in the shadows. The ambient light was really dark, so left two strobes up on the both sides, on top of the overhead compartments. Lowest possible power on the speedlights, high ISO and lenses ranging from f./1.8 to 2.8 helped a lot coping with the low ambient light. Also the speedlights were aimed to spread as much of light to the cabing as possible. I’m really quite satisfied what the images turned out. Without the strobes i would’ve been shooting over ISO 4000 and 1/50, even with fast lenses.
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